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Equality Action Plan 2012-2016

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service - Equality and Inclusion - Action Plan 2012-2016

Our commitment to equality is an integral part of everything we do as an service provider and employer. This Action Plan details how we will contribute to the core work of the service by: 

  • Improving the collection, sharing and use of data and intelligence
  • Finding more effective ways of engaging with stakeholders and our communities
  • Focusing community fire safety and protection on those most at risk
  • Maintaining an inclusive working environment where trust, respect and understanding are the norm.
  • Meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and the Specific Duties Regulations 2011 

Multiple and diverse voices lead to new ideas, services and encourage innovation. We very much hope that you will be part of our shared future and welcome your comments and ideas throughout the life of this plan by contacting the Brigade’s Equality and Diversity Officer via the Contact us section of our website.

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