NAMOS Regulations and Important information for people who store fertiliser

The Dangerous Substances (Notification and Marking of Sites) Regulations 1990 (referred to as the NAMOS Regulations), require the person in control of any site or premise where a total quantity of 25 tonnes or more of dangerous substances are used or stored, or are to become used or stored, to give written notification to both the Fire Service and the Health and Safety Executive. NAMOS warning signal image

Guidance on Regulations

The Health and Safety Executive is the enforcing authority for notification of the storage of dangerous substances and once notified, the Fire Authority is the enforcing authority for the marking of sites with warning signs. The Fire Authority is also responsible for giving directions as to the quantity, type and location of signs.

A dangerous substance is any substance which is dangerous for conveyance within the meaning of the Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging) Regulations 1993.

There are two ways you can inform Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service about the storage or use of dangerous substances. (Please note this process only informs NFRS, you will also need to notify the Health and Safety Executive)
The first is by writing to us and providing the following details:

  • The name and address of the person making the notification.
  • The full postal address of the site.
  • A general description of the nature of the business carried on or intended to be carried on at the site.
  • A list of the classifications of any dangerous substances which are, or are liable to be, present.
  • The date on which it is anticipated that a total quantity of 25 tonnes or more of dangerous substances will be present, or if they are already present, a statement to that effect.

On receipt of notification a member of one of our Area Risk Teams will contact you in order to conduct an assessment of your site and signs. If you have previously notified us and there is subsequently a change in conditions, or storage of dangerous substances stops you should contact us again. 

Please send your notification to:

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service
Norwich Road

Or you can send your details electronically by emailing here:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Government security Advice for people storing fertiliser

If you store or handle fertiliser, you must secure it to prevent it from being stolen. This covers a range of people from importers and manufacturers to hauliers and agricultural contractors.

Regardless of the amount, it is your responsibility to take appropriate security measures and be vigilant.

Click here to go to the government guidance note about Securing your Fertiliser.


Access Marking

All sites having present at any one time a quantity of 25 tonnes or more of dangerous substances must display signs bearing the exclamation mark symbol, as defined by BS 5378 (as superseded by BS 5499 Part 5 2002), at such places as will give adequate warning to Firefighters before entering the site in an emergency.


Location Marking

Location safety signs must be displayed as directed by the Inspecting Officer (The Station Manager or, in the case of Retained Stations, the Risk Manager of the station ground in which the site is situated).

The Inspecting Officer must be satisfied that only signs necessary in order to warn Firefighters in an emergency that dangerous substances are present are asked for, and displayed accordingly. The intention of these signs is to give firefighters information of significant hazards within a site.

When necessary and where there is only one dangerous substance or there are two or more dangerous substances with the same classification at any one location, a single sign bearing the correct classification symbol will be displayed together with the hazard warning text.

Where there are two or more dangerous substances with different classifications at any one location a single sign bearing the exclamation mark symbol will be displayed together with the hazard warning text 'Dangerous Substance'.
All location signs must be displayed in places that will give adequate warning to Firefighters before entering any danger area in an emergency.


Signs to be kept clean

The person in control of the site shall, so far as is reasonably practicable, ensure that any safety signs displayed at the site are kept clean and free from obstruction.

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