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Address: Norwich Rd, Dereham, NR20 3AS

Drill Night: Monday

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This is a retained station.  It has a crew consisting of two Watch Manager and four Crew Managers and fourteen Firefighters.  USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) are also based here.

  Dereham Station

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If you need a school visit we target these at Year 2 for Key Stage 1,  Year 5 for Key Stage 2 and Year 8 for Key Stage 3. If you have someone who is fire-setting and wish to discuss this with one of our advisors please contact us. We are sometimes also able to attend Community events but this will depend on resources, and we tend to target this to priority areas of our service. We do always look forward to hearing from you with any other queries.


Water Tender Ladder Rescue Pump

Water Tender Ladder Water tender ladder

This section contains notes written by the crews of this station.

1862 - A public volunteer fire brigade was formed, the engine and equipment costing 175 pounds was purchased by the Head-borough fund. The original equipment consisted of three manual engines, one for sixteen men, another for twelve and a smaller four man engine. In addition there was eighty feet of leather hose and several fire buckets. There were twelve firemen and twenty-one “pumpers”.
At that time the main source of water was from wells which quite often ran dry after twenty to thirty minutes.

1900 - At the turn of the century the Fire Station moved to the council yard at Cowper road. An escape ladder was acquired and this had to be trundled to the fire by hand.

1907 - Probably the most devastating peace time fire in Dereham occurred on 28th February. Fire destroyed the Hobbies engineering works, causing 25,000 pounds worth of damage and put 150 men out of work. The Dereham Fire Brigade endeavoured to save adjacent cottages that had been emptied of their contents. The fire extended over ¼ acre and threatened the Crane & Smiths wood yard on the G.E.R. property. The G.E.R. fire engine was summoned from Norwich to protect the company’s property.

1923 - Horses gave way to lorries due to the time involved in harnessing them for a call-out. The lorries were fitted with a tow bar which enabled them to pull the heavy steam Merryweather engines.

1948 - The Fire Service was de-nationalised and the Norfolk County Fire Service took control. The Dereham Brigade resumed its former title and carried on its tradition of being one of the finest and best equipped retained Fire Brigades in the country.

1969 - A new station was built on Norwich Road incorporating 3 appliance bays which now house a Water Tender, Water Tender Ladder (Rescue Pump), and an Operations Support Unit. The OSU is used for salvage work, supplying independent lighting and environmental protection to mention just a few of its capabilities.

1984 - Dereham was given 2 brand new Dennis Turbo charged automatic fire engines. This was the first time a retained station had received 2 new engines and the Mayor at the time handed over the keys to the Station Officer.

2004 - Dereham receive a Scania Fire Appliance, one of Norfolks new generation of Rescue Pumps.

The Scania incorporates the most up to date cutting equipment that was available at the time to assist with the ever increasing number of Road Traffic Collisions.

2009 – Dereham has two brand new Scania appliances, one dedicated rescue pump and one CAFS applianceDereham respond to over 300 calls covering a wide spectrum of incidents.

2010 - Work has now started on redevelopment project at Dereham which will mean USAR transferring from their current temporary base at Wymondham to a purpose built station at Dereham. The project has a build time of 33 weeks so we should be up and running around the May time next year.

2012 - Work has now completed and USAR are settled into their new home and providing national resillience from this location.

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