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Equipment and vehicles

The fleet comprises of demountable module carried by a prime mover vehicle. A module is an enclosed unit based on a 20ft container with rear and side opening doors. Both sides can be opened via cantilever doors. The interior of the module is fitted with racks and shelves in which the equipment is stowed. The module has a heating and ventilation capability.

Module 1 - First Strike

  • Scene assessment & safety
  • Technical search (cameras, listening devices)
  • Temporary shoring – metal
  • Power generation & lighting
  • Drills and concrete breakers
  • Safe working at height
  • Timber and timber cutting
  • Hand tools
  • Bolt and anchors
  • Gas Analysers
USAR Module One

Module 2 -Heavy lifting & moving and hot cutting

  • Hot cutting
  • Heavy hydraulic equipment
  • Confined space working
  • Rope access & rescue
  • Timber chain saws
  • Lifting & moving equipment
  • Power generation & lighting
  • Mechanics tools
  • Bolts and anchors
USAR Module Two

Module 3 - Breaching and breaking

  • Timber shoring equipment
  • Nailing equipment
  • Bolts & anchors
  • Power generation & lighting
  • Large capacity air lift systems
  • Fast cut saws Access & working platforms
  • Hydraulic breaking & breaching

Module 4 - Multi-purpose vehicle

An open unit based on a 20’ ISO container with fixed sides to a height of 1.2m. The module will be used to carry equipment, including a MPV and can also act as a tipper unit for the movement of debris. The rear of the module is a hinged gate allowing full width access to the module and the gate also incorporates a hinged flap for use when the module is operating as a tipper unit.

  • Multi-Purpose Vehicle
  • MPV equipment (Bucket & Forks)
  • Power generation & lighting Portable shelters
USAR Module Four

Module 5 - Timber

A flat-bed module is used to carry timber and equipment and incorporates a tilt-cover and a load securing mechanism

  • Timber stock including cribbing, wedges and bulk timber used for wood shoring, crib stacking, working platforms, blocking and chocking
USAR Module Five

USAR Operational Support Unit

This vehicle is used for crew transport as well as stowage for all of the Rope Rescue and Airline Equipment.


Vehicle for Canine Transport

An enclosed vehicle with a crew cab and rear compartment suitable for the transport of search and rescue canine(s). The vehicle will be fitted with the appropriate environmental controls, communications equipment and have a ‘blue-light’ capability.

Dog Handler Vehicle

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