Exercise 'Frosty Sprint'

Exercise 'Frosty Sprint' RAF Waddington Lincolnshire

Ex Frosty Sprint 16-17th Dec 2010 RAF Waddington Lincolnshire Norfolk USAR deployed 04.00hrs Dec 16th to RAF Waddington for 36hrs. This was a very challenging exercise dealing with a large gas explosion which had collapsed several large buildings including office , commercial and domestic properties.

The Aims / Objectives for the Exercise were as follows: Mobilise and deploy personnel and equipment safely to the incident; 
·         Establish a suitable Incident Command System at a USAR incident;
·         Consolidate this year’s training;
·         Demonstrate the appropriate techniques to carryout rescues, BB, Tech Search, L&M, Shoring , 
·         Safely operate the provided USAR equipment during various Rescues; 
·         Safely complete Rope rescues; 
·         Demonstrate appropriate Casualty Management; 
·         Liaise with other  agencies; 
·         Use suitable field craft and manage team and personnel welfare issues living in Exercise  accommodation; 
·         Carryout effective handovers and debriefs to oncoming Rescuers;

The team was joined by Lincolnshire USAR , Greater Manchester USAR , and East Hazardous Area Response Team to resolve the incident. Faced with temperatures as low as -12 degrees and driving snow all team performed admirably affecting many live rescues sub surface and in very confined conditions. Hot cutting equipment was used on the rubble pile to great effect allowing teams to gain access quickly so that the structure could be supported prior to rescue.  ‘Hooky’ the search dog proved to be a vital asset even in the sub zero temperatures giving search teams good indications as to where potential live victims were under the surface some 20m below.

A 23 stone bariatric casualty was rescued  from 60m down a shaft and tunnel system using a complex rope and winching system. 

Air line breathing apparatus was used to great success penetrating some 90m into the risk area for durations of up to 2hrs.

A quote from GM Herrell – Incident Commander -‘Having sat in on numerous  USAR presentations in the past and looked around the vehicles etc,  there is no substitute for getting involved and witnessing the deployment at first hand if you want to get the full understanding of what USAR can do.’  I would also like to say a big thank you to all the live casualties and Ex safety / support staff who helped to make the exercise such a success , I hope everyone has thawed out by now.