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Exercise Maddison


Exercise Madison - 26-28 April 2013 Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Training Centre 

Over the weekend of the 26th – 28th April 2013 Norfolk USAR Red Watch organised a National USAR Exercise that coincided with 2 other National Exercises in Tyne and Wear and Merseyside. National Resilience used these 3 Exercises as a National Coordination Exercise (3 simultaneous Incidents with multiple USAR Assets assigned) which included Gold Command in the Cabinet Office.

Exercise Madison was held at Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Training Centre at Waddington and included USAR teams from Norfolk, Devon & Somerset, Essex, Kent, Avon and Lincolnshire. Advanced Logistical Support was provided by Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue.

The Exercise ran over 3 days with the 1st day consisting of a Table Top Incident with real-time information being fed into Gold Command – Days 2 and 3 were when all USAR assets were on site.

Day 2 consisted of a series of 2 hour workshops or mini challenges of USAR Functions – Line Acces/Casualty Extrication and Shoring. There was also theory input on Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) from the Police and Casualty Management from the Ambulance Service.

Day 3 was the main event with there being a simulated explosion in an industrial unit that was being used for an illegal Rave – an unknown number of casualties were reported as unaccounted for and there was a risk of further explosions or further collapse.

The Exercise was designed to test all of the USAR Functions in a realistic environment over a prolonged period (10hours) and it also brought together teams from across the Country to work alongside one another.


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