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Address: Cawston Road, Aylsham, NR11 6BX

Drill Night: Tuesday

Incidents attended: Click here for incident information

This is a retained station.  It has a crew consisting of one Watch Manager and two Crew Manager and nine Firefighters.

  Aylsham Station

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If you need a school visit we target these at Year 2 for Key Stage 1,  Year 5 for Key Stage 2 and Year 8 for Key Stage 3. If you have someone who is fire-setting and wish to discuss this with one of our advisors please contact us. We are sometimes also able to attend Community events but this will depend on resources, and we tend to target this to priority areas of our service. We do always look forward to hearing from you from you with any other queries.”

Resources at Aylsham

Water Tender LadderWater tender ladder

This section contains notes written by the crews of this station.

In 1940 the old fire engine house was demolished and the new fire station built a few yards away on the site of the Old Black Boys Bowling Green known as John Soame's Corner. It was built as a single storey with two bays and a cellar. The station was extended in the early 1960's by a local builder to the present size which now comprises of the original two bays and cellar, a muster bay, lecture and control rooms, toilets and shower.

The wooden folding doors are the original doors and have a preservation order on them.

During the war the station was manned at night and the crew slept in bunk beds in the cellar. On several occasions they helped fight fires in Norwich caused by air raids on the city.

The fire pump in 1940 was a Fordson 25 cwt truck towing a Dennis trailer pump. Various towing vehicles for the Dennis pump were finally replaced in 1948 by an Austin towing vehicle which also carried 120 gallons of water and a power operated hose reel. In January 1958, the brigade took delivery of an up-to-date fire engine, a Commer split screen appliance know as an 'improved B type water tender' carrying 400 gallons of water, a 35 foot extending ladder, searchlight and crew of seven including the driver. This was replaced at a later date by a single screen appliance also a Commer, In 1978 the station took delivery of a new Dodge appliance. This was replaced in the early 1990's by a Mercedes which is the present appliance.

The station is manned by eleven retained personnel who when required for an incident are summoned by pocket alerters to the station. Calls average 150 per year from automatic fire alarms to major incidents.

One humorous incident occurred when attending the rescue of an animal in a ditch. One member of the fire brigade while walking down the side of a water filled ditch crossed the ditch using a poachers plank (a wooden plank bridging the ditch just below the water line used by poachers) when a following colleague assumed the water was not deep and decided to cross at a different spot only to go neck deep in mud and water.

Some of the above information was extracted from 'A History of Aylsham' by John Sapwell.

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