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Address: Thieves Lane, Attleborough,NR17 2AP

Drill Night: Monday

Incidents attended: Click here for incident information

This is a retained station.  It has a crew consisting of one Watch Manager and two Crew Managers and nine Firefighters.

  Attleborough Station

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If you need a school visit we target these at Year 2 for Key Stage 1,  Year 5 for Key Stage 2 and Year 8 for Key Stage 3. If you have someone who is fire-setting and wish to discuss this with one of our advisors please contact us. We are sometimes also able to attend Community events but this will depend on resources, and we tend to target this to priority areas of our service. We do always look forward to hearing from you with any other queries.


Water Tender LadderRescue Pump

This section contains notes written by the crews of this station.

The station has a compliment of 11 personnel inc. 7 firefighters who provide fire cover 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Attleborough OSU and Pump outside station


Attleborough Crew - 2014 Attleborough Crew of 2014

The Watch Manager explains, ‘Firefighters working the Retained Duty System (RDS) are a vital part of today’s fire and rescue service, especially in a rural county such as Norfolk, where 39 out of the 41 stations are either staffed solely by the RDS or have at least one RDS crew. When we are called to duty, we become part of a dedicated team ready to face any emergency, we aim to make our area as safe as possible for all those who are living in, travelling within or visiting our area.

We all have a ‘main job’ as our primary employment; most within the community that we serve. We can be called upon any time of the day or night and it is only thanks to the kindness and support or our local employers that we can make ourselves permanently available. Our employers allow us to leave our jobs at a moment’s notice, quite often we return within an hour, however, on some occasions it could be longer.’

What we do? We get called to a wide range of emergencies incidents which include,

  • Fires in properties, farms and business premises
  • Chimney fires
  • Lift Rescues
  • Road Traffic Collisions, persons trapped in vehicles
  • Calls resulting from adverse weather conditions
  • Chemical Spillages
  • Animal Rescues
  • Humanitarian assistance and Liaising with other emergency services

and the list goes on…

An additional duty for crew at Attleborough is that of the Welfare Unit which is now stationed at Attleborough, this appliance is mobilised to larger or protracted incidents where Crew Welfare / Salvage may be a concern. It carries a variety of equipment including a large inflatable structure which has many applications.

This is manned alongside the current Scania fire appliance which we have had at Attleborough since 2004 and prior to that a Mercedes 1124.

Community Fire Safety.

We have been advising people in the communities we cover for many years through home (home fire risk checks) and school fire Safety visits – as well external organisations and groups visiting us at the fire station.

We attend a minimum 2 hour training session each week (1900-2100hrs), sometimes this extends to 3 hours and are normally called upon approx 3-4 times a week for emergency calls.

Have you ever considered a career as a RDS firefighter? We have vacancies at the station for people especially those who can provide cover Mon-Fri during the day for more info please follow the links, call the number above or pop in between 1830 and 1900 on a Monday evening.

 Attleborough Pump Trailer 2014

Attleborough pump Trailer 2014
Made from Old ‘out of service’ and faulty parts, the crew of Attleborough spent over 200 hours of their own time reclaiming and refurbishing to bring this trailer to life.  It is taken to fetes and shows.


Attleborough's entry into the 2015 Attleborough tour of Britain bike competition

Attleborough Bike



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