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Address: Park Road, Diss, IP22 4AS

Drill Night: Wednesday

Incidents attended: Click here for incident information

This is a retained station.  It has a crew consisting of two Watch Manager and four Crew Managers and fourteen Firefighters.

  Diss Station

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If you need a school visit we target these at Year 2 for Key Stage 1,  Year 5 for Key Stage 2 and Year 8 for Key Stage 3. If you have someone who is fire-setting and wish to discuss this with one of our advisors please contact us. We are sometimes also able to attend Community events but this will depend on resources, and we tend to target this to priority areas of our service. We do always look forward to hearing from you with any other queries.

Resources at this Station

Water Tender Ladder Rescue Pump

Water TenderWater tender

This section contains notes written by the crews of this station.

The current station was opened in 1973 and has 2 fire appliances; a Water Tender Ladder and a Rescue Pump. The Rescue pump became operational in October 05 and carries the latest rescue equipment for road traffic collisions. The station compliment is 20 personnel. Training takes place on Wednesday evenings between 1845hrs and 2115hrs and at any other time required. Also attached to the station are 12 voluntary fire cadets. Training is on Tuesday evenings between 1900hrs and 2100hrs.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service is divided into four areas. Each of these areas are then sub-divided into smaller clusters of which Diss is part of cluster S4 in the Southern area. 

Diss Fire Station is in Park Road and has a crew consisting of one Watch Manager, four Crew Managers and fifteen fire-fighters. Training takes place every Wednesday evening and at any other time deemed necessary.  The crew at Diss are Retained personnel who have primary employment elsewhere but are highly trained and carry a pager by which they are alerted and report to the station within minutes. The average turnout time is between 2 and 4 minutes. Diss
attends on average 200 calls a year.

Based at the station are 2 fire engines which consist of a Water Tender Ladder and a Rescue Pump. The Rescue Pump carries similar equipment to the Water Tender Ladder for dealing with fires, flooding and hazardous materials incidents but in addition carries more specialised equipment for dealing with Road Traffic Collisions and other rescues.

This includes air bags for lifting, a winch for pulling and powerful cutting and spreading tools ( jaws of life) for dismantling vehicles etc. Diss is also a core station in Norfolk involved in the National Resilience program put together by the Government after the 9/11 attacks in New
York. In the event of a major terrorist CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) attack on the country, the Incident Response Unit from Hethersett along with the core stations could be mobilised to any part of the country for the purpose of ‘Mass Decontamination’ of the general public.

Attached to the station are the Diss Fire Cadets aged from 13 to 18. They meet every Tuesday from 7:00 to 9:00pm for training, they also take part in community activities throughout the year.
For more information call 0300 123 1669 or attend the station on a Tuesday evening.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service is committed to making Norfolk safer and offers free Home Fire Risk Checks to older and vulnerable people.  For those who do not qualify for a visit we have a self check video and checklist.  To find out if you are eligible for a visit, or watch the video visit the Safety section of our website. (

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