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Address: Old Road, Acle, NR13 3QN

Drill Night:  Thursday

Incidents attended: Click here for incident information

This is a retained station.  It has a crew consisting of one Watch Manager and two Crew Managers and nine Firefighters.

  Acle Retained Station

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If you need a school visit we target these at Year 2 for Key Stage 1,  Year 5 for Key Stage 2 and Year 8 for Key Stage 3. If you have someone who is fire-setting and wish to discuss this with one of our advisors please contact us. We are sometimes also able to attend Community events but this will depend on resources, and we tend to target this to priority areas of our service. We do always look forward to hearing from you with any other queries.


Water Tender Ladder Water tender ladder

This section contains notes written by the crews of this station.

Acle Fire Station opened around 1939, it was one of the two wholetime stations that first formed Norfolk Fire Service (after being National Fire Service, Kings Lynn being the other). As Gt. Yarmouth station belonged to the borough and Norwich Fire Station to the city.

It was originally a three bay station with their own control room on the first floor.  It housed 2 ATV’s (auxiliary towing vehicle) with trailer pumps.  What followed was possibly a land rover or Austin gypsy.

The station attended the 1966 fire at Raf Neatishead and unfortunately lost 2 crew members (Lff Durrant and Ff Holman), a third was also lost (Ado Dix).

It has since been downgraded from Wholetime to Day-manned and further again down to Retained Duty System.


It currently houses a Scania water tender ladder and a crew of 12 on the station books, that respond by alerters.

It was one of the few RDS stations that had BA on the appliances and was also one of the first retained stations to get Hydraulic Rescue Equipment.

It is also one of the rare retained stations that have a pole drop.

Times have since moved on and now the Scania is about to be replaced with the MAN 4x4 appliances.

It is positioned in a key area and covers station ground from the river yare at Reedham, up towards the bure at Potter Heigham, across the Acle straight and over to Brundall.

Our neighbours have been animals in fields to council offices, public houses and hotels to the now current domestic properties.

How to Find the Station.

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