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Duke of Edinburgh Testimonials

April 2016 Testimonials

The Gold D of E Residential was a brilliant experience here at Norfolk Fire and Rescue and the time I have had I will always remember, I have met some fantastic people and Mark, Andy, Nick and Jack have made my week a great experience, Thank you!
David from Cheltenham.

Great residential, filled with fun, unique activities. Providing an excellent opportunity to be independent and develop personal skills.
James from Leicestershire.

The best organised trip I’ve been on, hilarious leaders, fantastic challenges.
Will from Tonbridge, Kent.

Even if you don’t want to be a fire fighter it’s a very fun course to go on anyway.
Sam from Malvern

I really enjoyed this week; it has exceeded all my expectations. The Instructors were great, friendly and the course was very educational (learning procedures, etc) without being too heavy on information, so that it was still engaging.
Sarah from Norwich

Would definitely do it again!
Cameron from Edinburgh 

It was an excellent week, very fun and hands on. Three was loads to learn and the instructors were great.
Beth from Milton Keynes

I had a very enjoyable week which I could apply my current skills and knowledge but also progress them further.
Tom from Cirencester.  

A one of a kind experience where you take part in unique activities with great people.
Lindsay from Ipswich.


October 2015 Testimonials

Amazing experience, had an amazing week. Thank you toi all the staff, they were great!
Emily – Norfolk

The Week was great, the activities stretched my abilities and were very enjoyable. ‘Mandy’ Mark and Andy, were welcoming and made it very entertaining. I had lots of fun with the other participants.
Alice – Nottinghamshire

Mark and Andy (mandy) made the whole week brilliant, from start to finish. The activities were absolutely classic and I made some friends for life!    
Hobbo – Nottinghamshire

Mark and Andy prepared the course very well, leaving us with a never bored moment. The challenges especially boys v girls were thrilling and of course the girls won! We all really enjoyed this experience and had lots of laughs. Won’t forget it!
- Anonymous

Mark and Andy were fabulous, activities were great fun and I wish I could do it all again!
Alice H – Norwich

The week was absolutely fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and improved problem solving and motor skills along the way. Mark and Andy were hilarious and I met some great people.
Ben N – Suffolk

A fantastic experience, across the wee we developed physical skills and mental attitude to work as both a leader and a team member. A perfect end to anyone’s Duke of Edinburgh experience.
Josh – Cambridgeshire

A great week, fun, but not too intense, everyone was friendly and easy to get along with, and I discovered the savage conditions fire fighters have to work in, seriously savage!
Dan – Hertfordshire

It was a very fun week, with interesting and fun activities. Met some great people, Mark and Andy were great!
Patrick – Essex

The week was thoroughly enjoyable with really interesting and challenging activities. Mark and Andy were great throughout. I would definitely recommend to others.
Chris – Middlesex 

A truly enjoyable week. I could not have asked for a better residential. Everyone was great and Mark and Andy made it really fun.
Michael – West Midlands

It was a great week with challenging and fun activities. I met some great people and Mark and Andy were absolute legends.
George – Buckinghamshire

Awesome people, awesome leaders, awesome week.
Emily H – Lincolnshire

An opportunity to push yourself surrounded by new friends in an unfamiliar and challenging environment is an opportunity worth taking! The leaders were fantastic and overall the week was unforgettable.
Isi – Leicestershire 

Mark and Andy were so helpful and friendly, which made the week and team so much fun! The activities were really interesting and enjoyable, with the girls beating the boys at every challenge. Would highly recommend this residential, have had plenty of laughs and good memories.
-       Anonymous   


July and August 2015 Testimonials 

Probably one of the greatest weeks away I’ve had. Gives you an insight into a great emergency service and strengthens you as a person
Domonic from Essex

A truly incredible, unforgettable week of fun and laughter. I enjoyed this week more than I thought I would, I have also made friends that I know will see again and will see for years. Just Brilliant. 
Evie from Suffolk

Great team, fun activities, fantastic time. 
Will from Cambridge       

This week was so much fun! It was brilliant and I loved every minute of it, definitely do it again if I could
Kim from Bedfordshire

An amazing week, great activities and very friendly staff! Would highly recommend!!!
Jamie Bennett – Hampshire

A once in a lifetime experience that I will remember forever, great people, exciting drills and overall a fab week. 
Katie, Buckinghamshire   

The course was brilliant and gave me a fantastic insight into the career along with meeting some amazing people
Darren from London

I loved every minute of my time with the fire service, the tasks pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me more resilient and I will never forget any part of this amazing experience
Abigail from Cardiff

Very good week that was so much fun. I learned a lot and had a laugh while doing it. The staff were a lot of fun and really did make the week. Would definitely recommend it.
Rebecca from Suffolk   

An awesome experience helped by a team of funny, easy going leaders and a selection of challenging activities, a fantastic week away
Owen Green, Fife

An activity filled week that was an unforgettable experience. The wide range of new activities and the friendliness of the group made the whole week exciting and great fun.
Ben from Solihull  

An amazing unforgettable experience. I was nervous about coming and unsure about it, however it was so much better than I ever imagined, I’m so glad I came, I had an excellent week & made friends I know I’ll see again. Fantastic week.
Hannah from Leicestershire

The leaders were great and the activities were brilliant. Perfect mix of relaxation and exciting activities.
Scott from Fife

A really great week full of new opportunities. Thank you! 

The week was awesome, the instructors very funny and made the week enjoyable. I would highly recommend this course
Adam from the West Midlands

This whole week has deeply interested me in the Fire and Rescue Service to the point where I am looking into it as a career

Excellent week, I was very nervous working so far from home and not knowing anyone. But everyone is so friendly and definitely made some friends for life.

A brilliant week for anyone wanting to complete their D of E residential. Organisation and activities were 10/10

Extremely enjoyable week. Lots of fun and great instructors, it was a good environment to make some new friends – Anonymous

Testimonials 2015

A brilliant week; fun, educational and inspiring! 
Chelsea, from Cambridgeshire.

Great week, great group of people; we worked well together and learnt a lot through practical group activities. 
Jason, from Bedfordshire.

It was really chilled but still a valuable learning experience. 

Really challenging, but loads of fun, really good week and the leaders were all really good and a great laugh, would recommend to anyone. 

I was quite nervous about coming as I struggle to make friends. However, as soon as I arrived everyone was so welcoming. The sessions that we did allowed us to be as close to a fire fighter as possible. When in the residential I felt as though I have developed my cookery/cleaning skills. The indoor cricket was second to none! 


2014 Testimonials 

We had so much fun, great people, great organisation and an experience I will never forget. We’ll treasure these moments forever!  
Ivan and Jake October Gold 2014

Best week ever! Met some amazing people and Mark, Andy, Neil and the rest of the team were friendly and a great help.   

Overall, an amazing experience, able to experience things that regular people would never get to try e.g BA Chamber. Mark and andy were brilliant and people we met are now good friends
James and Greg T 

Incredibly fun, perfectly organised and top bantz    Thank you so much Andy and Mark


2013 Testimonials 

A unique opportunity and amazing week. I learnt so much, and Mark and Andy made me feel so welcome. An unmissable chance!
Jenny, from Solihull.

The course was absolutely fantastic! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for some fun and a challenge! You meet lovely people, make great friends and develop as an individual. Loved the week and wish I didn’t have to go home.
Amy, from Stamford

This whole experience has surpassed all my expectations and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Every aspect was amazing, the activities were so different to anything I’d done before but that was by no means a disadvantage. If I could do it all again I would!!
Anna Smith, from Leicester

An exciting and thrilling week with top instructors that make it an excellent experience.
Sam Kendle, Baldock Hertfordshire.

“Challenging, exhilarating, inspirational. An experience of a lifetime”
Emily Morrison and Emma Robinson, from Reading.

“A week full of Laughs!
Emily Morrison and Emma Robinson from Reading

Interesting and fun residential that leaves you not only great memories but a profound respect for the fire crews.
Mim from Surrey

Amazing experience and surpassed all my expectations! The activities were exciting and challenging but I never felt out of my depth. One of the best ways to complete your D of E Residential.
Rachel Jenkins –Birmingham

Jonny Wilkinson from Kent Says – Awesome!! Enough said.

Delivered to a ‘T’ “slick and smooth. Craig, from Manchester.

Really great experiences where I learnt a lot and met some great people. I also acquired loads of respect for fire fighters. I didn’t realise how much they need to know and how much pressure is on them at any given incident.
Aysha Panter from Gibraltar

A brilliant experience for those looking to build a variety of personal skills including team work, problem solving and solo development. As well as this I have gained a massive respect for the fire service and the roles that each fire person plays.
Chris Bishop, Sharnbrook

Absolutely fantastic week which I would recommend to anyone. Mark and Andy are awesome; the teaching is exciting and the activities amazing. I’m glad I chose to come and spend a great week with such a great group of people!
Stuart Jenkins from Birmingham

The course was extremely well thought out and the activities fun to do and helped improve my confidence.
Joseph Henderson from Wolverhampton

My time spent doing my residential is something I will never forget. I managed to improve on lots of different skills and would recommend this to anyone. A week filled with laughter.
Emma Louise from Gibraltar.

The Norfolk fire and rescue services residential are a great experience and insight into what happens on an operational fire station. It allows you to develop various skills, such as leadership, team building and communication. The final scenario is a fantastic way to wrap up the week, particularly if you are one of the commanding crew members as you must juggle tasks constantly with no real rests until it is over. Mark and Andy were great, not only did they act as superiors but also got involved with the fun and games once the working day was over. Over the week I developed a new sound respect for the fire service and the truly amazing work they do.
Joshua Cooper. from Nottingham

The team building activities allowed me to push myself, both physically and mentally, while also helping me to develop my skills as a leader under pressure. I could not recommend the course highly enough!
Katie from London

The course was excellent, especially the smoke room activities which are a one off chance, and were very exciting. The instructors were also great fun and in good spirits at all times.
Dan “the sniper”

It was one of the most enjoyable weeks I’ve had, challenging but very fun, met great people and the instructing was fantastic.
Greg Sly


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