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Schools and crucial crew


The key to reducing the number of fire-related deaths and injuries is through education. The Community Fire Safety Department has produced a range of school education packages, for delivery at specific stages of a child’s development.

Children showing their artwork

At Key Stage I we can deliver basic safety messages to year 2 students that include an introduction to the Fire Service and what we do. This is usually presented in the classroom, over approximately 45 minutes, by operational fire officers or the Community Fire Safety department personnel.

At Key Stage II we have a package aimed at year 5 students that deals with Fire Safety in the Home, and The Fire Plan. Again presented in the classroom over approximately 45 minutes by operational fire officers or the Community Fire Safety department personnel.

At Key Stage III we deliver to year 10 on Arson and Hoax Fire Calls, the sessions are designed to last 2 periods of 45 minutes that preferably run back to back.

The materials are designed to link in to the National Curriculum and not impact on S.A.T.’s and can be discussed and booked through the Community Fire Safety Department.

Crucial Crew - Aimed at 10-11 year old children, Crucial Crew is a multi-agency safety education event. This involves the staging of theatrical safety sets, for students to learn about safety by experiencing risk in a safe controlled environment. Often set in a temporary location for a 1 or 2 week event, schools from the local area are invited to bring their children for a half-day visit.

Similar events established in other areas already achieve in excess of 800 students per week.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service is actively pursuing partnerships and support with each of the seven District Councils, to establish Crucial Crew in Norfolk.

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