Learning about Fire Safety

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service is committed to bring fire safety, directly to everyone, especially those people in the most vulnerable groups.

The Community Fire Safety Department personnel are committed to bring their message directly into schools, clubs, community groups and in some circumstances directly into the home.

We can tailor presentations directly to meet the specific needs of your group or the community in which you live, Mother and Toddlers, Neighbourhood Watch, Cub Scouts and the Women’s Institute to name but a few. Across the county, fire appliances and their crews may sometimes be available to visit your fete or special event and be on hand to answer your questions concerning your safety, or just to say hello while the children big and small have a look over the fire engine.

The department is always heavily committed so if you want to book a visit to your group or to visit the fire station, contact us direct as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Playing With Fire

Each year many families have their homes destroyed and thousands of pounds worth of property go up in flames in fires started both accidentally and deliberately by children.

We Aim to teach fire safe behaviours and help children overcome fear and curiosity through a gradual process that is under proper adult supervision and guidance.

If you suspect your child has a problem with fire and would like to talk to someone about your concerns in the strictest confidence, contact the Community Fire Safety Department for advice or a possible home visit.

We also have a useful guide to help you to recognise and act at an early stage.

Group Talks

To arrange a talk on fire safety, to visit to the fire station or check on the availability of a fire engine to visit your fete or open day, contact the Community Fire Safety Department Direct.

Youth Offending Team

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service is actively working in partnership with the County Youth Offending Teams, to actively target young people who have been referred to the Fire Service.

Together we have embarked on a program of counselling and education, by raising awareness of fire and its effects, through arson, hoaxes, vandalism, car crime and the long-term consequences.

Download fire safety leaflets