Chip Pans are a major cause of fires in the home, but some common sense precautions will minimise the likelihood of a fire from breaking out in the first place.

Wherever possible make a lifestyle change and avoid using deep oil pans for cooking chips etc. An electric deep fat fryer with locking lid and thermostat is a much safer option, or try oven chips as a worthy replacement.

Chip Pan fire picture

If you absolutely have to use a chip pan:

  • Use clean, good quality oil or cooking fat.
  • Only fill the pan to a third-full with oil or fat.
  • Gradually raise the cooking temperature, don't fry on the highest settings.If the oil begins to smoke or give off a vapour haze, it's too hot. Turn the temperature down and allow time to cool.
  • Check the temperature with a cube of bread. If the bread crisps up quickly the oil is ready.
  • Do not put too much food in to be cooked. The level should not rise above half-full.
  • Dry your chips before lowering them into the pan with a basket. Any water remaining on the food will spit or even boil over.
  • Stay in the kitchen with the pan. NEVER leave it unattended. If you have to leave the room, take the pan off the heat first.

If the pan catches fire: GET OUT, and STAY OUT

  • STAY CALM and Turn-off the heat.
  • If anyone else is in the home, let them know what is happening.
  • Call the fire service by dialling 999.

If you require further information, or have another Community Safety enquiry please contact us.