Fires in this type of property are common – Beware, you are at risk!

Flats or bedsits should be equipped with fire safety equipment and devices. These include hosereels and extinguishers, smoke or heat detectors, self-closing doors and even emergency lighting. These are provided to help protect you in case a fire breaks out. If they are missing, damaged or not working for any reason - report the fact to your Landlord.

If you live in a rented flat or bedsit or you have family members who do you can improve your or their safety by watching our DVD and completing the Home Fire Safety self checker.

If you do not have the above fire precautions;

  • Fit a smoke alarm in your flat/bedsit and in the stairway outside your front door to give early warning of a fire.
  • Keep a torch handy to help you find your way out in the dark.


Minimise the likelihood of a Fire Breakout;

  • Never store items under the stairway.
  • Always Dispose of rubbish outside the building.
  • Keep the exit routes clear of obstructions i.e. cycles.


If you discover a fire anywhere in the building, try to remain calm and;

  • Raise the Alarm to warn others in the building.
  • Make your way out as quickly as possible.
  • Do not use lifts.
  • Contact the Fire Service by Dialling 999.


If the staircase is blocked by the fire;

  • Return to your flat/bedsit, close, but do not lock the door and make your way to the biggest window.
  • Shout for help as loudly as you can.
  • Wait to be rescued by the Fire Brigade.
  • If Fire or Smoke enters your flat/bedsit;
  • Put towels/clothing/bedding under the door to prevent smoke entering.
  • Keep low to the floor where the air is fresher and cool.
  • DO NOT JUMP FROM YOUR WINDOW unless it is absolutely the last resort and you have no other option.


If you are forced to leave via a window;

  • Remove any broken glass from around the window frame.
  • Throw out bedding or similar items to cushion your fall.
  • Lower yourself gently to arms length before dropping.


Other Information

If you require further information, or have another Community Safety enquiry please Contact us.