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What can I do?

Never leave matches or lighters around the house, even in pockets or handbags.

Lock them away or put them out of reach.

Tell your child from an early age:·

  • never to touch matches and lighters;
  • they are dangerous and can burn,
  • they are for grown-ups with no exceptions.

Is my child curious?

Look for the signs:

  • Burnt matches lying around
  • Burnt pieces of paper left about
  • Scorch marks on carpets or soft furnishings in their bedroom

What can I do now?

  • Stay calm.
  • Don't frighten or punish your child for being curious.


  • They must understand the danger they are in.
  • Talk about the consequences.
  • Seek help.
  • Talk to a trusted member of the family or a close friend.
  • Make sure you have a fireplan and working smoke alarms.

Contact Us

  • Don't panic.
  • Act promptly - help is only a phone call away. (0800 917 8137)
  • Contact us in confidence.

What happens now?

  • Most children show a natural interest and curiosity about fire.
  • We work with individual children at home to teach fire safe behaviours and help children overcome fear and curiosity through a gradual process that is under proper adult supervision and guidance.
  • We do not punish children but help them to change their dangerous fire-setting behaviour.
  • Don't allow fire to destroy your family. The results can be devastating.

To talk to someone confidentially for advice or for a home visit if you would like one please contact 0800 917 8137.

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