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The firework code

Safe firework fun

If you are thinking of using fireworks, you should follow these safety steps.

  • Only buy fireworks marked BS 7114.
  • Only buy from a reputable retailer, not from car boot sales, markets or the side of the road.
  • Make sure that any selection boxes are sealed when you buy them
  • Check all fireworks are not damaged or damp.
  • Don't drink alcohol if setting off fireworks.
  • Keep fireworks in a closed box.
  • Follow the instructions on each firework carefully.
  • Light them at arm's length using a suitable taper.
  • Stand well back.
  • Never go back to a lit firework, it may go off in your face.
  • Never put fireworks in your pocket.
  • Never throw fireworks.
  • Always supervise children around fireworks.
  • Light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves.
  • Never give sparklers to children under five.
  • Keep pets indoors.


For more about firework safety read the Fireworks be Safe Not Sorry Guide

or visit RoSPA's (Royal Society for the provention of accidents) website

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