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The fatal 5 of cold water

Please remember at this time of year the water temperature is very low, lakes, ponds and other open water sources often become frozen over , however the ice is rarely thick enough to support the weight of a dog let alone a human.

Please don’t stray out onto the ice this winter.

No Swimming Safety Sign


The fatal 5 of cold water

1. Cold water shock – low water temperature can numb limbs and claim lives

2. Do you know what is in or under the water surface  - entrapment hazards, pollution etc.

3. Currents or water conditions  - includes floods, unknown depths, ice, riptides, eddies etc.

4. Alcohol consumption  - don’t swim if you have been drinking (this is a big issue, particularly with young men)

5. Swimming Competency – don’t assume because you can swim in a pool that you can deal with the challenges of open water swimming – the key messages here are swim in safe areas, or where there is supervision or a lifeguard.


When enjoying a winter walk by our beautiful lakes and rivers, remember the ground may be slippery, so maintain a safe distance from the waters edge


If you ever see anyone in difficulty in the water please dial 999 quickly, minutes count.

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